About Us

Ministry is an underground nightclub experience housed inside the historic Magnolia Brewing building spanning an entire city block in downtown Houston.  Built in 1890, this concrete and steel structure was here before Houston had paved streets. Deep in the basement, the ice for the brewery was made.  Constructed with ceilings which are insulated providing long life to the newly created ice as it waited to be trolleyed upstairs to chill the beer.  This unique insulation also provides amazing sound qualities for audio.  With over 10,000 watts of just bass alone, you’ll feel like you’re in an actual speaker box with the sound from Ministry.

This address is famous for nightclub culture.  Having been a dance hall/flea market/restaurant in the 1960s and a disco in the 1970s, it became Power Tools in the 1980s, Living Room, Rehab and Pink Monkey in the 1990s and 2000s, then Kryptonite in 2010….and Ministry in 2015.

Ministry is 22,000 square feet of serious nightclubbing.  Thousands of watts of sound, cutting edge lighting, friendly staff along with 2 patios overlooking Buffalo Bayou, there’s no other experience that duplicates it.